Tuesday, February 11

GetYourSketch.com "Art that Works!"

      Well, I hadn't realized it's been so long since I've come around here, but I suppose I've been very busy doing less of the kind of art I have posted here. While I'd love to have the time to do some pieces worthy of a "longer look", the shelf life on my bread and butter work is pretty short and is better if you don't stare at it :)
My personal site, www.GetYourSketch.com

I think I do a very good job of solving the day to day visual problems I'm asked to help with, but the sum of the parts is always best appreciated by the people who know what I started with, and where I take it. As they say, it's "Art that Works", and it does the job.

       I do enjoy helping to bring ideas to life without laboring over the details. I would rather paint the mood and tell a story with 20 loose and energetic images getting the team's idea across than to noodle the eyelashes on something for a week, so to speak. (although I realize a lot of art fans do appreciate such things). Hopefully, you can appreciate it for what it is. I love what I do.

Anyway, it feels good to put something in this space. Hope you have a minute to check out what I do for my "day job" here > GetYourSketch.com

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you soon! ~ John