Thursday, August 22

Beware of the Sketch Artist!

It is time!...

So, again, it's been too long. I'm working on my new website currently, as my old site has become completely useless on any mobile device.

Beware of the Sketch Artist!

I'm on a mission!

So, in reworking my site, I am confronted with the blog section of the template I'm starting with (Canvas). While deciding whether to include the section, I revisit this Blogger page of mine. I realize I want to give it another go, and try to hook up a feed from here, so I'd just be posting in one location.

Here is my "call to arms"...

... a website which is totally useless on a phone or tablet.

That's a good enough reason to add this post for now. Hopefully, I'll be adding some interesting content soon. There's a lot of catching up to do!

Tuesday, February 11 "Art that Works!"

      Well, I hadn't realized it's been so long since I've come around here, but I suppose I've been very busy doing less of the kind of art I have posted here. While I'd love to have the time to do some pieces worthy of a "longer look", the shelf life on my bread and butter work is pretty short and is better if you don't stare at it :)
My personal site,

I think I do a very good job of solving the day to day visual problems I'm asked to help with, but the sum of the parts is always best appreciated by the people who know what I started with, and where I take it. As they say, it's "Art that Works", and it does the job.

       I do enjoy helping to bring ideas to life without laboring over the details. I would rather paint the mood and tell a story with 20 loose and energetic images getting the team's idea across than to noodle the eyelashes on something for a week, so to speak. (although I realize a lot of art fans do appreciate such things). Hopefully, you can appreciate it for what it is. I love what I do.

Anyway, it feels good to put something in this space. Hope you have a minute to check out what I do for my "day job" here >

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you soon! ~ John

Saturday, December 25

Sir Michael Caine

Another speedpainted caricature for Caricaturama 3000 on FaceBook. I gotta say, he's one of my all time favorite actors along with Depp and De Niro :)

Thursday, November 18

Liv Tyler ~ Mild Caricature?

Hey peoples. So maybe it's neither here nor there but I suppose I set out to do a caricature and got a slightly exaggerated portrait in the end. Anyway, it doesn't really need to fit in anywhere. It made me happy doing it. Mission accomplished :) It was done for Caricaturama 3000 on facebook

Friday, October 29

The "Dark and the Light" of Comp Art

   I've been pretty inspired lately with the way things have been going for our group. I didn't  realize how much I had come to dislike my work situation until I got out from under it. It's pretty amazing to think I could lose appreciation for doing art for a living, but my days were distorted into a really negative grind for me.

  Now that I've got some really positive things going and feel inspired being around my "virtual bullpen buddies" again it's "Onward and Upward" from here! (thanks B.T.!)

 Here are a couple of samples I've done recently. I did the "Pony Girl" first and so, I guess I needed to counter it's decidedly "saccharin" sunniness with a little urban grit I called "Street Call". Hope you like em. Check us out at !

Saturday, September 4

Welcome to Pitch House

    The first three rules about Pitch House are... "you talk about Pitch House". Ok, it's a cheap knock off from Fight Club, but I'm just that cheesy. Well, as things evolve in life I find myself banding together with my best illustrating friends in this world to form Pitch House. We've been working together for the better part of 25 years in and around NYC's most dynamic advertising illustration studios.
    Geographic proximity having less importance than ever these days, our online studio with it's Project Management, Client Area &Administration will provide even more efficient service to our clients from our locations around the country.
   The Pitch House consists of Tom Fluharty, Kevin Sacco, Ray Ketchem, Tim Shinn and myself, John R Wohland. Please check us out at
  Here's a little montage sample I did to celebrate:
  So I guess I'm John R Wohland DBA Get Your Sketch at Pitch House.. "Whatever it Takes" right? Bring it on!

Monday, June 21


Just a Little Sketch
I like to do some gesture sketches when I have some time. Here's one that I felt like taking a little farther and thought was worth sharing :)