Saturday, September 4

Welcome to Pitch House

    The first three rules about Pitch House are... "you talk about Pitch House". Ok, it's a cheap knock off from Fight Club, but I'm just that cheesy. Well, as things evolve in life I find myself banding together with my best illustrating friends in this world to form Pitch House. We've been working together for the better part of 25 years in and around NYC's most dynamic advertising illustration studios.
    Geographic proximity having less importance than ever these days, our online studio with it's Project Management, Client Area &Administration will provide even more efficient service to our clients from our locations around the country.
   The Pitch House consists of Tom Fluharty, Kevin Sacco, Ray Ketchem, Tim Shinn and myself, John R Wohland. Please check us out at
  Here's a little montage sample I did to celebrate:
  So I guess I'm John R Wohland DBA Get Your Sketch at Pitch House.. "Whatever it Takes" right? Bring it on!


Don Hudson said...

Excellent lighting! Good advertising stuff.

Get Your Sketch said...

Thanks Don! The louder the better I figure :)