Friday, October 29

The "Dark and the Light" of Comp Art

   I've been pretty inspired lately with the way things have been going for our group. I didn't  realize how much I had come to dislike my work situation until I got out from under it. It's pretty amazing to think I could lose appreciation for doing art for a living, but my days were distorted into a really negative grind for me.

  Now that I've got some really positive things going and feel inspired being around my "virtual bullpen buddies" again it's "Onward and Upward" from here! (thanks B.T.!)

 Here are a couple of samples I've done recently. I did the "Pony Girl" first and so, I guess I needed to counter it's decidedly "saccharin" sunniness with a little urban grit I called "Street Call". Hope you like em. Check us out at !


Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Glad to see new posts -great new stuff!

Get Your Sketch said...

Thanks Jim! It's nice to get back to the art! I'm not much into politics :)